About Jason Pearce

Jason Pearce Welcome to, home of wall art and interior decoration by the artist Jason Pearce.

The following images have all been created by the multimedia artist and photographer Jason Pearce. He has collated a huge body of work for over three decades and will be sharing his diverse, inspirational and dynamic images for everyone to see and collect.

Jason's background began with studying fashion and textile design at Winchester School of Art. Since then he has evolved into exploring the many facets of his imagination with his visionary pieces and creations combining his photography with mixed media paintings and collage.

Jason draws inspiration from the New Forest, where he lives and works from home producing digital works of art, photography, mixed media paintings and patterns.

His work is available to buy in a variety of formats ranging from original artwork, digital manipulations, archival ink prints, interior furnishings and garments.

This website will be updated regularly with new unseen images from his huge folio of work.

For original paintings please visit